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Philodendron White Princess Rare


Philodendron White Princess is a fantastic rare species houseplant is native to Brazil native to tropical rain forests in South America. It’s a climbing aroid with green pointy leaves and white variegated blotches. The more indirect light the better variegation you will get. Philodendron with stunning white and green variegation in thin, long leaves.


General Detail of Philodendron White Princess Home plant care

Experience the beauty of lush, green foliage with this Philodendron White Princess plant. This is a stunning tropical plant that requires only minimal maintenance. It works well as an indoor plant when placed in bright, indirect light. Philodendron White Princess is a rare Aroid with dramatic, dark green leaves and silvery-white streaks that look almost painted on. This hard-to-find plant makes for a gorgeous statement piece in any space.

The stems on this Philodendron White Princess are speckled with white and have a matte finish. This beautiful, tropical houseplant is tolerant of medium to bright indirect light. The White Princess Philodendron is an ideal indoor houseplant and easy to care for.

Philodendron White Princess is a rare indoor houseplant. There are several Philodendron types with white variegation. However, the Philodendron White Princess has the most unusual and striking appearance, with its long beautiful leaves splashed in bright white.

This unique Philodendron naturally has white and green marbling on its leaves. The more light it gets, the more white it will become. If you want a totally white leaf, make sure it’s getting lots of indirect light. This easy to care for plant ships in a gallon pot with simple, illustrated instructions.

Essential Tools for Monstera Philodendron White Princess Plant Care

  • Houseplant potting soil
  • Peat and aeration stones
  • Water probe or moisture meter
  • Protective gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle
  • Drip tray
  • Well-draining container
  • All-purpose, balanced houseplant fertilizer

Philodendron ‘White Princess’ is a spectacular architectural plant that will bring a bit of tropical flair to any room. Its broad glossy leaves arch upwards and outwards, with a slightly lighter green coloring on the interior. When placed in a brightly lit room, you can see some purplish red tones on the leaf tips. This particular cultivar is known for having more compact growth than most Philodendrons, making it an excellent choice for those whose space is limited.

Philodendron ‘White Princess’ is a beautiful terrestrial (tree-dwelling) plant that features large, glossy leaves with striking white veins. It thrives where other philodendrons can’t, even in similar light conditions, because it is so disease-resistant. The philodendron white princess is a stunning addition to any indoor space. It’s a popular plant for homes and offices, as it not only looks nice, but also improves the quality of the air you breathe.

Philodendron in 12-inch White Princess; ‘White Princess’ is an architectural beauty with huge graceful leaves reaching to the sky! Easy to grow, a stunning specimen plant that can be enjoyed year round as a house plant indoors or as a spectacular display of form and color outdoors in shade. (Light: Full Sun to Part Shade…Water: Allow excess water to drain when top layer of soil feels dry to touch).

Philodendron plants, also known as Elephant Ear plants, are some of the most versatile and attractive plants for indoors. This plant is no exception. The White Princess develops the striking variegated pattern from its leaves, which start off an ivory color, but can grow to be almost all white.

The “White Princess” is a tropical, evergreen plant that grows easily in windows and greenhouses alike. Unlike many other popular house plants, the Philodendron plant grows in high humidity and bright light, making it the perfect choice for indoor plant lovers with little outdoor space or time to water plants.


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