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Philodendron Strawberry Shake


The Philodendron strawberry shake is native to Colombia, where it climbs up trees. … Based on your country of origin. Plants Monstera Strawberry Shake Monstera plant in a solid color pot.


General Detail of Philodendron Strawberry Shake Home plant care

Common Name: Strawberry Shake Philodendron. This indoor plants spice up your home or office with this eye-catching Monstera Strawberry Shake plant. Standing at just under 2 feet tall, with its beautiful variegation and stunning leaf shape, it will be a secure addition to any room or style. Spanning greater than 3 feet wide in maturity, it’s perfect for indoor and outdoor placement.”

The strawberry shake Monstera (Monstera siltepecana) is so named due to its leaves, which are mottled with a delicate creamy white pattern. The overall appearance makes this plant an eye-catcher, but it’s also very easy to care for and fast-growing.

Our Monstera Strawberry Shake is one of our most popular plants for its lush leaves and easy care. Can you spot the monstera leaf? The dramatic foliage grows large, reaching up to 3 feet tall or more and 4 feet wide in the landscape. It’s an ideal house plant for those who love indoor plants, but find many are too difficult to keep alive!

Essential Tools for Philodendron Strawberry Shake Plant Care

  • Houseplant potting soil
  • Peat and aeration stones
  • Water probe or moisture meter
  • Protective gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle
  • Drip tray
  • Well-draining container
  • All-purpose, balanced houseplant fertilizer

Philodendron Strawberry Shake is a beautiful indoor house plant that features rich green foliage with colorful splashes of white, pink & green. A beauty for any space. The Philodendron Strawberry Shake can be a great choice for improving the air quality of your home or office.

This adorable Philodendron Strawberry Shake plant has delightful pink and green leaves that reach out in all directions. This plant is a hybrid of several Philodendron varieties, including Moonlight, Brasil, and Prince of Orange. Its growth pattern resembles a sea urchin, with its leaves reaching out in all directions from a central stem. This Philodendron variety tolerates low light, making it the perfect indoor plant for any room in your home.

Philodendron Strawberry Shake is a low-maintenance indoor plant that is drought tolerant and doesn’t need much light to grow. It grows upright, spreading across the ground, with leaves turning red to green in color as they mature. Its beautiful leaves feel slightly fuzzy to the touch.

The Philodendron Strawberry Shake is a beautiful indoor houseplant with bright green leaves and a bushy growth habit. This plant naturally grows like a bush and the new growth emerges in plumes, adding character and texture. The bright chartreuse color will brighten your space! This charming plant is one that you can keep for many years and pass down to your kids.

These plants are drought tolerant and do best in medium to medium-high indirect light. Too much light will burn the leaves, so make sure to find a spot that isn’t too sunny. They’re not finicky about water, but be sure not to over or under water them. Philodendron Strawberry Shake cuttings has a foliage variegation that is lightweight & drapes beautifully.

You don’t need to water them every day – feel the soil first and only water when it is dry an inch down into the soil. Brown spots on the leaves indicate that the air around your plant is too dry, so move it to a moister room if you notice this happening. Let the sweet, fruity air add a touch of sweetness to your home. With delicate light green leaves and red, strawberry-shaped spots, the Strawberry Shake Philodendron is the dessert you crave.


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