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Philodendron Black Cardinal Beauty


Philodendron Black Cardinal was developed and cultivated in Florida. It is native to the Caribbean and the tropical regions .This pretty plant will set off your home with a touch of the natural. Featuring a shiny black ceramic pot, this artificial green is delicate and low maintenance — ideal for brightening up spaces like your home office or hallway.


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The Cardinal plant (Erythrina acanthocarpa) is a hardy garden ornamental that thrives in USDA zones 3-8. They are distinguished by their enormous clumps of red to salmon blooms that began to bloom in the spring and frequently rebloomed throughout the summer.

The plant’s Black Cardinal is an eye-catching plant with dark red foliage and white flowers that thrives in partial shade. Trim a few flowers and combine them into a bouquet to enjoy the inside. Water your Black Cardinal on a regular basis and provide it with enough light to keep it healthy.

Philodendron Black Cardinal grows slowly yet bushily, with little white blooms on long spikes that are evenly distributed. A popular bedding plant and container plant. No muss, no fuss – These plants are very easy to care for and will look excellent for many years. They have a neutral appearance that will work with practically any décor style.

Black Philodendron Cardinal grass is a clump-forming ornamental grass with fluffy, crimson flower spikes in the middle of July. It has lovely evergreen grassy leaves that are dark reddish-green and emerge scarlet in the spring. The flowers are cut well and dried well for arrangements.

Essential Tools for Philodendron Black Cardinal Plant Care

  • Houseplant potting soil
  • Peat and aeration stones
  • Water probe or moisture meter
  • Protective gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle
  • Drip tray
  • Well-draining container
  • All-purpose, balanced houseplant fertilizer

The gorgeous Philodendron Black Cardinal will find a home in your house no matter the season. This lovely indoor plant has glossy, deep-green leaves with red veins that grow on a vine that can reach 3 or 4 feet in height. This is great housing for an indoor plant because of its robust branches and low light requirements.

The philodendron Black Cardinal is a stunning type with dramatic huge almost black leaves and lighter green stem and leaf midribs. It can be challenging to grow these plants indoors because the temperature and light levels are not always appropriate. There is, however, one that is ideal for life in low-light conditions.

The Philodendron ‘Black Cardinal’ is a small, low-maintenance houseplant that is commonly used as a wall plant. Its glossy dark green banded leaves are accented by purple veining with conspicuous gold bands in the midrib below, lending this robust and easily grown (by anybody!) plant a traditional beauty and elegance that will grace the interior of your home. A wonderful present for any occasion.

Philodendron black cardinal grows quickly and has oval-shaped leaves with a dark crimson hue. It grows to a height of 20-36 inches and has a bushy growth style. The plant’s center features an eye-catching black stem covered in burgundy bracts that resemble feathers.

The plant is reasonably easy to care for because it does not require much sunlight and will thrive happily in lower-light circumstances. Because this is a no-frills houseplant, it is also incredibly low care, requiring minimal attention and fitting perfectly into any space. This plant would look great in any environment where plants are kept indoors, or it could be made into interesting table plants to place on top of mass-produced furniture.


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