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Pachypodium Horombense Pure


Pachypodium horombense is a deciduous succulent plant species in the genus Pachypodium. It has grayish-green leaves with white to gray, hair-like spines in tufts and fragrant cream to white flowers with yellow anthers. It is native to northern Madagascar where it inhabits rocky areas.


General Info of Pachypodium Horombense Home plant care

Pachypodium horombense is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae, endemic to Madagascar. It is a succulent shrub growing to 3 m tall. Its common names include white-thorn milkbush and Madagascar palm. Pachypodium horombense is a species of plant in the family Apocynaceae. It is endemic to Madagascar. Its natural habitat is dry forests. It is threatened by habitat loss.

Pachypodium horombense is an evergreen tree growing to 10–12 m tall. It is native to Madagascar and the Comoros, where it is known as dombeya. It has a swollen base, so often growing as a caudiciform plant. The leaves are pinnate, with 4-9 pairs of leaflets, each leaflet obovate, 7–15 cm long and 5–8 cm broad. The flowers are produced in large panicles 30–60 cm long; each flower is 12–18 mm diameter, with five white petals and a central boss of yellow stamens; it has a strong but pleasant fragrance.

The Pachypodium Horombense is an indoor sized succulent that finds a home in most living rooms, hallways, and offices. The reason it’s a great addition to anyone’s household is not just because of its ornamental beauty, but also because of how easy it is to care for. It prefers indirect sunlight, so it doesn’t need to be placed in a sun-lit room. When it receives plenty of indirect sunlight (a few hours a day) the Pachypodium Horombense will grow 5″-6″ in diameter each year, while staying between 6″-8″ tall.

Pachypodium horombense is an indoor succulent that grows well indoors given the right conditions. It requires a great deal of sunlight and thrives best in sunny rooms; if your home receives a lot of direct sunlight, it’ll likely grow well for you.

Native to Madagascar, the Pachypodium Horombense is unlike any plant in the world. It is a succulent, meaning that it stores water in its trunk, making it surprisingly lightweight. The trunk is a unique brown color and hard to identify by sight alone, so you may want to include the leaves in your design. The leaves will be heart-shaped and green or blue-green in color.

Aside from the Pachypodiums most sought after for their rarity and uniqueness, proper indoor gardening requires that plants receive the right amount of light, water and nutrients. Pachypodiums are some of the most well-loved succulents because they are not only easy to maintain, but they thrive when given basic requirements applied to any plant. With the right care, you’ll be enjoying your favorite pachypodium in no time.

The plant requires a dry resting period of approximately 4-6 months without any water, during which time the roots should be kept cool and quite dry. During this period, you should fertilize it with a low nitrogen fertilizer in all its active growth phases, using each time only a little fertilizer in order not to saturate the substrate.

It is important to take a few factors into consideration when selecting your plants. First, check to see what type of plant needs the lowest amount of water and lighting. Some plants are very slow growing, so they require minimal maintenance. This is why Pachypodium Horombense are very popular in house plant. Humidity is another factor that must be considered, especially if you live in an area where winter can be frosty with low humidity conditions.


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