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Pachypodium Horombense Pure


Pachypodium horombense is a deciduous succulent plant species in the genus Pachypodium. It has grayish-green leaves with white to gray, hair-like spines in tufts and fragrant cream to white flowers with yellow anthers. It is native to northern Madagascar where it inhabits rocky areas.


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Pachypodium horombense is a flowering plant endemic to Madagascar in the Apocynaceae family. It is a succulent shrub that can grow to be 3 meters tall. It is also known as the white-thorn milk bush and the Madagascar palm. Pachypodium horombense is a plant species in the Apocynaceae family. It is only found in Madagascar. Dry woodlands are its natural habitat. It is endangered because of habitat loss.

Pachypodium horombense is an evergreen tree that grows to be 10-12 meters tall. It is indigenous to Madagascar and the Comoros, where it is referred to as dombeya. It has a swelling base and is frequently found as a caudiciform plant. The leaves are pinnate with 4-9 pairs of leaflets that are obovate, 7-15 cm long, and 5-8 cm wide.

The flowers are produced in enormous panicles 30-60 cm long, with five white petals and a center boss of yellow stamens; it has a powerful but pleasant aroma.

Pachypodium Horombense is a little indoor succulent that may be found in most living rooms, halls, and offices. It’s a terrific addition to anyone’s home not just because of its decorative splendor, but also because it’s simple to maintain.

It prefers indirect sunlight and does not need to be placed in a well-lighted space. Pachypodium Horombense will grow 5′′-6′′ in diameter each year while remaining 6′′-8′′ tall if it receives plenty of indirect sunlight (a few hours per day).

Pachypodium horombense is an indoor succulent that thrives under ideal conditions. It demands a lot of sunlight and thrives best in sunny places; if your house gets a lot of direct sunlight, it’ll probably grow well for you.

The Pachypodium Horombense, which is native to Madagascar, is unlike any other plant on the planet. Because it is a succulent, it holds water in its trunk, making it incredibly light. Because the trunk is a distinct brown hue and difficult to distinguish by sight, you may wish to incorporate the leaves into your design. The heart-shaped leaves will be green or blue-green in color.

Aside from the Pachypodiums that are most sought after due to their scarcity and uniqueness, proper indoor gardening necessitates that plants receive the necessary quantity of light, water, and nutrients.

Pachypodiums are among the most popular succulents since they are not only easy to care for, but they also thrive when provided the fundamental necessities that each plant requires. With proper care, you’ll be able to enjoy your favorite pachypodium in no time.

The plant requires a 4-6 month dry resting period without water, during which time the roots should be kept cold and dry. During this time, you should fertilize it with low nitrogen fertilizer in all of its active growth phases, using only a small amount of fertilizer each time to avoid saturating the substrate.

When choosing your plants, it is critical to consider a few criteria. First, determine which plants require the least amount of water and lighting.

Because some plants grow slowly, they require little care. As a result, Pachypodium Horombense is a popular houseplant. Another factor to consider is humidity, especially if you live in an area where winter can be frosty with low humidity levels.


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