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Pachypodium Brevicaule


The Pachypodium Brevicaule is an amazing plant to have indoors and is quite hardy. The Pachypodium comes in a variety of colors like green, yellow, and red. These plants can grow up to three feet tall and are native to South Africa & Madagascar.


Detail of Pachypodium Brevicaule Home Plant Care

Pachypodium brevicaule includes the Gold Finger plant (aka Pachypodium bissa) and is a beautiful cauliflower cactus plant with a columnar trunk. It is a slow grower and the spines on this specimen vary from grey to golden yellow to brown.

Pachypodium brevicaule is a deciduous succulent shrub in the family Apocynaceae, both from the western and southern parts of Madagascar. It grows up to 3-4m tall, with a trunk up to 50cm in diameter. Flowers are white, and fragrant, opening at night; plants are self-fertile. Usually, flowers in winter (southern hemisphere).

The Pachypodium brevicaule has a beautiful, white, crested flower that pierces through its thick succulent leaves. It is an attractive plant on the windowsill and it is easy to grow both indoors and out. It has compact growth, making it perfect for pots. Pachypodiums are easy to maintain and can be fed with regular general-purpose fertilizer twice in the growing season.

Pachypodium brevicaule is one of the most unusual-looking and exotic houseplants available. It is a succulent with rosettes of leaves that tend to be striated. The common name of the Pachypodium is the Elephant Plant, and it lives up to its name with thick trunks that end in a massive spreading base that looks like an elephant’s feet. Commonly seen in green, but also available in yellow and variegated, they are very beautiful and interesting with their thorns, hairy leaves, and bark-like trunk.

Pachypodium brevicaule is a succulent species native to Madagascar and found throughout the arid regions of southern Africa. It is a terrific house plant and does especially well in low-light conditions. Its upright growth pattern and uniquely shaped foliage help add visual appeal to any indoor environment.

While Pachypodium brevicaule is not generally considered a good home plant store (it is poisonous if ingested, so keep it away from pets and children), it is a popular house plant in many areas with dry climates due to its amazing ability to survive neglect. Its thick trunk and caudex can store up water, which then slowly seeps into the plant as needed.

As a general rule, all Pachypodiums prefer to rest during the winter months, but the Pachypodiums grown in pots will stretch and grow new stems provided they are kept warm. If you decide to keep these plants indoors where light levels are lower, be sure to place them near a bright window with filtered sunlight or they will stretch their stems toward the brighter light of a nearby window.

All Cacti are xerophilic (Greek for “loves dryness”) and enjoy being left alone when it comes to watering. Allow the surface of the soil to dry before watering and water again at least 7-10 days later. Pachypodium is a plant that has been classified as a succulent. This means that it has fleshy leaves, like other plants of its kind. Since this indoor plant is not very common, many keepers prefer to take care of this plant at home.

The Pachypodium is a wonderful, indoor house plant. It’s easy to care for and requires very little effort to keep alive. And once you figure out how long to water it, you won’t have any problems keeping it alive the next time either. You just need to make sure that you’ve got a little patience because some plants do take a few months to grow roots and stabilize after being planted in soil.


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