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Pachypodium Bispinosum Care


Pachypodium bispinosum is a spiny succulent shrub from the tropical dry scrub forest. It can grow to a height of 4m. This plant is grown for its attractive gray-green or gray-brown trunk and spine-tipped branches. Pachypodium bispinosum is a large, spiny succulent plant. It is native to Madagascar & Kenya and thrives in arid climates with bright light and airflow.


Detail of Pachypodium Bispinosum Home plant care

Pachypodium bispinosum is native to the east African Great Rift Valley in Kenya & Madagascar. It produces interesting white tubular flowers from its stems. It makes a very unusual house plant that can be grown in a small pot (provided it receives enough light). It forms one stem, which stays relatively short and thick, reaching only about 5 feet in height. It has few side branches, but its trunk gets filled with thorny ridges as the plant ages.”

The Pachypodium bispinosum is a species of Pachypodium, native to Angola, Kenya & Madagascar. It is a succulent shrub or tree growing to 2 meters (rarely 3 meters) tall. The branches are thick and knobbly, and are green when young, but tend to become bare over time. The flowers are white with a yellow center, produced in racemes up to 20 centimeters long. Pachypodium bispinosum is a species of flowering plant in the family Apocynaceae. It has large spine-covered stems and produces large white flowers in summer.

Pachypodium bispinosum is a beautiful, unique and colorful home plant. Under normal temperatures, it does extremely well in humid environments. And when the room is cold, it’s absolutely fine to place the plant in front of an open window; however, if you do this, be prepared for the plant to lose its leaves. In fact, it’s best to avoid freezing temperatures if you can, as these plants are tropical.

To water, this plant, keep it on the drier side than what you’re used to. As long as your plant is healthy and thriving, letting the soil dry out between watering will have no negative effects whatsoever. It will take approximately two years for a Pachypodium bispinosum to produce flowers, but once it does the flower spike stems upward up to one meter tall.

These flowers aren’t very spectacular (in a good way), and they resemble tiny white roses in a cone shape that are not fragrant at all. To get your own Pachypodium bispinosum home plant store and grow it indoors contact us. Pachypodium bispinosum has a variety of popular uses as an ornamental house plant. Easy to maintain and available at an affordable price, it’s a perfect choice for beginners with zero experience. For those with more green thumbs, pachypodium bispinosum still has a ton to offer when it comes to bringing a little bit of the outdoors inside.

The Pachypodium bispinosum has unique color and shape, with a bulb trunk that could be easily mistaken as a strange species of tree. This plant is native to the tropical regions of Madagascar and Africa. The trunk is covered in brown spikes but can have a very diverse color pattern depending on its growth stage. When young it is yellow-green, and when older it tends to be brown in color.

Pachypodium bispinosum, commonly known as the Calabash Plant, is native to Madagascar. These shrub-like succulents produce succulent stems which can grow taller than some people. You will find these plants in a variety of hues, from bright green to various shades of orange and yellow. Sadly, there is no such thing as an indoor Calabash tree.

There are certain plants, like Pachypodium Bispinosum, that grow well indoors as long as there are enough lights provided. Pachypodiums need warmth and indirect sunlight. Since they aren’t cacti, they will likely wither if they’re grown in direct sunlight.

Pachypodium bispinosum is a very unique plant. It is a succulent, but it does not look like most succulents which are usually columnar or even flattened. It has a shrubby shape with long branches covered in fat leaves with cream or pink edges. It can get quite tall so be sure to provide adequate space accordingly.


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