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Monstera Subpinnata Care


Native to rain forests in south America, this luscious plant is a must-have for any aspiring gardener. Reaching up to 8 feet high, the Monstera Subpinnata features winding vines and large oblong leaves that can reach up to two feet wide. It will add an exotic touch of greenery to any room and will thrive best in partial shade with light, but consistent watering.


General Detail: Monstera Subpinnata Home plant care

A lovely Monstera Subpinnata has long green vines that are often variegated with white, and is known for large glossy leaves. The variegated form looks great as a tabletop plant, or in a hanging pot where its vines can trail down. It can reach heights of 8 to 12 feet, so be sure to give it plenty of room to grow.

Indoor plants purify your home’s air quality, soothe the senses and boost your mood. Our Monstera Subpinnata makes a beautiful tabletop plant or floor plant. In their natural habitat they grow up trees, but in your home they are perfectly happy growing out of a basket.

An easy to grow and easier to love Monstera. This lush evergreen produces impressive paddle-shape foliage that makes for a wonderful statement plant in any home. The Monstera subpinnata is a wonderful Swiss cheese plant to own with its fully mature fenestrations, especially if one is starting out in the world of aroids.

It can sometimes be difficult to find this particular species on the market as they are quite slow-growing and attain their unique fenestrating nature when mature. The medium-sized Monstera subpinnata is excellent for indoor collections as it has an upright growth habit and not too large overall leaf size.

Essential Tools for Monstera Subpinnata Plant Care

  • Houseplant potting soil
  • Peat and aeration stones
  • Water probe or moisture meter
  • Protective gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle
  • Drip tray
  • Well-draining container
  • All-purpose, balanced houseplant fertilizer

Monstera Subpinnata, sometimes referred to as the Swiss Cheese plant, has a lot of potential to be a great indoor house plant. Monstera is able to grow well in either light or dark conditions. It doesn’t like cold temperatures, but nor does it require them. Slugs will also be interested in the taste of this particular species of monstera, so if you do decide to cultivate it within an outdoor environment, be sure to keep your eye out for their invasion.

It’s no surprise that the Monstera Subpinnata is a popular plant. It works well in homes, offices and many other indoor settings. It has a fun look, meaning it will be interesting to have in any setting. The leaves of this plant are large and uniquely shaped which make it stand out among others. It is also great to decorate around because it looks very decorative.

Monstera Subpinnata is an excellent choice for people who want a houseplant with a handsome appearance and interesting looks. By no means is this plant a difficult-to-care-for type of houseplant, though you do need to be patient before you can see the beautiful flowers it can produce. In fact, at first, it might not even feel like this plant is going to flower for you at all.

The Monstera subpinnata is a vigorous growing, broad leafed tropical plant that can be grown in the home with some care. The reason for the name ‘indoor house plants’ is that the Monstera subpinnata requires a great deal of humidity and high temperatures. This will be a plant to grow in a large pot where you can regularly douse it with water to raise the humidity levels around it. We recommend using an African violet mix as your medium, which will aid in drainage as well.


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