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Monstera Punctulata Modern


Monstera punctulata is a plant in the Araceae family found in Guatemala, Costa Rica and Honduras, Native to Central and South America, the Monstera punctulata plant is a lovely addition to indoor spaces. With bold leaves and a wide-reaching growth, this evergreen is well-suited to indoor locations with access to a shaded porch or patio.


General Detail of Monstera Punctulata Home plant care

Monstera punctulata (Monstera deliciosa) is a plant in the genus Monstera native to tropical rains forests of southern Mexico, south to Panama. It has been introduced to many tropical areas and has become a mildly invasive species in Hawaii and the Seychelles. The specific epithet is from Latin pungens – “pointed”.

This healthy, established plant is ready to go in a 4.5″ nursery pot with drainage. The Monstera punctulata (commonly known as the fiddle leaf fig or Swiss cheese plant) is an attractive evergreen that is native to the tropical forests of Central and South America; making it perfect for a warm, humid environment inside your home.

Monstera plants are very easy to take care of, low maintenance, and can make a striking addition to any room. Prefers bright light to part shade.Water approximately once every 7-10 days depending on conditions. Make sure soil has dried out before watering again. Fertilize regularly using a specialty houseplant fertilizer – generally once every 6 weeks during the warmer months when the plant is actively growing.

Monstera punctulata is a plant in the Araceae family and is commonly known as Monstera. Specifically, it’s called Monstera punctulata variegata and has a distinct look from other varieties of Monstera plants. It features white variegations along its leaves (this variety has some green on the leaves too). The white color is due to no chlorophyll being produced in those areas, which makes for an eye-catching variety of this popular houseplant.

Monstera punctulata is a plant with deep green leaves. Its large, oval-shaped leaves are densely overlapping, and grow to 3 feet wide. Although it is a fast growing plant under ideal conditions, it is also highly adaptive, making it easy to care for in homes or offices. This beautiful plant can grow up to 10 feet tall and make a lovely addition to any indoor space.

Essential Tools for Monstera Punctulata Plant Care

  • Houseplant potting soil
  • Peat and aeration stones
  • Water probe or moisture meter
  • Protective gardening gloves
  • Pruning shears
  • Watering can
  • Spray bottle
  • Drip tray
  • Well-draining container
  • All-purpose, balanced houseplant fertilizer

The Monstera Punctulata is almost an indoor tree, the plant can grow up to 20 feet in a pot but the realistic height of it inside your house is about seven to nine feet. The Monstera Punctulata thrives in humidity and indirect sunlight; if you have a south facing window you have nothing to worry about.

When it comes to watering, keep the soil barely damp because overwatering is one of the reasons why this plant dies easily. It’s also easy to take care of, removal of leaves from dead plants or use leaf shine or wood polish makes it look new again.

Monstera is one of the easiest tropical plants to grow indoors. It has a brown stem that resembles bamboo with long, glossy leaves. A Monstera can grow two leaves at a time, and they often reach 4′ in length. The plant prefers bright indirect light and will thrive under fluorescent lights; however, it can also be placed near a south-facing window that receives indirect sunlight for about 10 hours per day.

The leaves should not be sprayed or misted too much, because this can cause the surface to develop black spots that may spread if left untreated. When growing Monstera you should allow the soil to dry out between waterings, but you should avoid letting it become completely dry.


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