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Encephalartos Horridus (mutant leaf form)


The plants Encephalartos Horridus ( mutant leaf form ) is a unique and interesting, evergreen ornamental cycad to use. The plants form as: a great plant for dry or/and wet gardens, containers and courtyards. Prefers full sun or medium-light shade in well-drained soil. Tolerates drought when established.


Some plants are so remarkable that they are given a special distinction — they’re called cultivars. The plant is selected because it has special characteristics. In the case of this special Mutant Encephalartos Horridus, it’s a single mutant leaf form with mutation type being a name of the game.

The term ‘mutant’ refers to isolated single leaves or small groups of leaves that are different in some way from the rest of the plant. But no clear definition exists so they can be anything from very minor differences to spectacular freaks.

Encephalartos Horridus is an attractive medium-sized South African cycad distinguished by the light bluish green color, the wavy teeth on the leaflets, and the occasional occurrence of a mutant leaf form with no spines. On some plants, there are “horrid” little black spines that adorn the center of each leaflet.

The leaves in mature specimens tend to droop down toward the center of the plant, eventually becoming almost circular in outline. This species also readily produces offsets or pups which become available at a very reasonable price.


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