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Encephalartos Trispinosus 3 plants


Encephalartos Trispinosus orignate from South Africa, a tropical blue plant with three thorn-like leaves. A must have for your garden. The plant is a slow-growing tropical perennial that has an upright habit and can grow to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide.


General Detail Encephalartos Trispinosus Home plant care

Encephalartos Trispinosus seedlings. Very attractive, unique looking plants. Very leafy. Can be used for bonsai as well. Perfect for commercial or personal use. Also perfect for planting in groups for special occasion like birthday, anniversary and etc. Can be used indoor or outdoor. Color is green that has a blue-ish tint when planted in full sun.

Exotic and beautiful, the Encephalartos Trispinosus produces bright neon blue cones which are sterile and ornamental in appearance. These are beautiful plants that come from the Encephalartos genus. They are quite rare and very hard to find. The plants have been growing in cold frame outdoors exposed to normal winter weather. Roots will be wrapped in newspaper with a bit of peat moss and then they will be placed into a brown paper bag. Please make sure to keep the plants roots moist until you can plant them in their final location.

“This particular type of cycad is commonly called a ‘Stump Cypress’, which sounds like the perfect name for a defeated army. The stumpy appearance of Encephalartos Trispinosus is deceptive, however. It can get four stories tall inside an atrium.”

The Encephalartos Trispinosus is a spiny plant that is native to the Central KwaZulu-Natal province in South Africa. It is often found growing naturally along the banks of rivers and streams, as well as near rocky ledges and in woodlands; however, it can also be grown successfully in a garden environment, as long as its basic needs of heat, shelter and water are met. Unlike many indoor ferns, the Encephalartos Trispinosus may flourish when placed in a sunny location.

Encephalartos Trispinosus will grow to between six and nine feet in time. The cane can be almost as wide as it is tall. It will grow under well-lit conditions, although the sunnier the area, the happier the plant will be. Encephalartos Trispinosus is an evergreen plant with 3 to 5 leaves. It grows from a rhizome which has thick roots growing into it. The trunk of the plant has a characteristic bulge on it known as he Doppelganger’s hump. This unusually-shaped trunk has a woody outer layer with smooth green leaves.

The leaves are spirally arranged, flat, with saw-like edges and they are generally medium green in color. It is known to grow up to around 6 meters tall and each leaf is around 1 meter long and 9 centimeters wide. While specific needs for each plant type vary, the following is a general guide for light, water, and fertilizer needs. As with all plants, frequent inspection of your new indoor plant is a must. Some plants may require more or less water or light than those listed below depending on the environment you provide for them.

When it comes to choosing a plant, it’s important to keep in mind that different plants require varying levels of light and water. When choosing a plant, make sure you pick one that fits your environment (and your watering schedule). The name “Congo cycad” is merely a common name, and refers to the population which occurs in Equatorial Africa. It is unlikely that it will grow very vigorously in areas outside its native habitat.

Indoor plants are becoming more popular, due in part to their therapeutic effect and natural beauty. Pothos, spider plants, sansevieria, ficus, and peace lily are some of the most common houseplants. All species grow in different ways, and require water at different intervals. Proper care for your indoor plant is essential to its survival.


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