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Encephalartos Horridus EX Beauty


Encephalartos horridus EX is a species of cycad in the family Zamiaceae, known by the common name blue cycad. It is endemic to South Africa, where it is threatened by habitat loss. If you are looking for a fun, relatively low-maintenance, indoor plant that could be the focal point of your room, check out Encephalartos Horridus EX. Not only is it beautiful, but it’s also a great conversation starter.


Detail of Encephalartos Horridus EX Home Care Plant

Encephalartos horridus EX, also known as the Sentinel Cycad, gets its name from where it grows in South Africa. When it comes time to mature Encephalartos horridus plants have a very unique way to help them find water, Encephalartos means ‘brain’ and is a genus of cycads that gets its name for the resemblance of its old growth leaves to the structure of a human brain. This species of cycad,

Depending on local conditions in the wild, Encephalartos horridus shoots for even only mild drought, will turn completely yellow in color with all the leaves fully extended, and work inter-connected branches lowers to allow for the maximum amount of exposure to the suns rays allowing for the increased surface area that can capture more sunlight energy.

This can also be accomplished by new shoots coming out directly beneath an existing large plant shoot to get the immediate benefit of the existing root system and use what is available locally as opposed to growing roots from seed which takes a lot longer than if connected to an existing shoot. These plants show superior survival traits which is why they have been able to thrive in their natural environment for millions of years.

This plant is a real beauty and makes a fine addition to compact indoor décor. The cycad should reach between 9 and 11 feet, but with some attentive care, you can keep it at a height that’s more convenient for your space. The palm itself is pretty slow-growing, so there is not a lot of work involved in the upkeep.

This plant is safe to grow indoors and can grow in medium light. If it is suddenly placed in full sun, the leaves will burn. Make sure that when you transplant the plant, the soil had medium to high drainage. This plant is the tallest cycad. The trunk of this plant can reach heights of up to 50 feet. Only one male and several female plants can be planted together. The flowers are not attractive looking, but they will appear in December and January on a 6 to 8-foot stalk.

When choosing a plant for the office, you should consider the same factors you would with any other houseplant. The place that plants will thrive best in, soil preference, and the amount of light they need. When placing houseplants in an office, choose plants that are native to your geographic area to ensure the success of your plants. Some great recommendations for office plants include all types of palms, low-light ferns and succulents (especially those that can be watered with a simple misting bottle), and cold hardy begonias make excellent office plants as well.

Encephalartos Horridus EX is one of the most durable and beautiful plants that you can obtain as a pet. It makes an excellent decorative plant, which also provides its owner with a source of sustainable succulent matter for consumption. As such you will find that it is easy to grow and maintain and make for a great addition to any home.

An evergreen cycad that grows up to 4′ tall with segmented leaves that are covered in prominent spines. In the wild, it is estimated to live for about 150 years. It produces cones (male and female) which are a striking citrus green color. These plants are extremely rare in nature as well as in cultivation. Collector’s palm size. Excellent quality and very rarely seen in cultivation. This is a plant that should be the top priority for collectors.


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