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Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf Beauty


Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf is an indoor house plant that can handle low light. It makes a good addition to the office or bathroom. Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf more commonly known as the Broadleaf cycad, is an ancient species of cycad, in the family Zamiaceae that is endemic to KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa.


Detail of Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf Home Plant Care

It is a very strange-looking dwarf cycad. The trunk is never more than 1 – 2 ft tall and each leaf is pear-shaped, curved along its length, and very rigid. It’s highly variable, some plants being very straight, others sporadically bending or curving. It has relatively few leaflets for a sausage tree (40 to 80). Due to its growth habit and size, it makes an awesome indoor plant!

You are bidding on one of the rarest dwarf cycads in the world! It is a medium-sized tree that grows in sunny, dry habitats in rocky areas. Encephalartos Horridus Dwarf more commonly known as the Broadleaf cycad, is an ancient species of cycad, in the family Zamiaceae that is endemic to KwaZulu-Natal province, South Africa. One of the rarest plants in the world. The item is an outstanding “Dwarf” with gorgeous coloring and a broad leaf.

The Horridus comes from the family of Encephalartos, they are closely related to cycads and are native to Southern Africa. They can be identified by the spiky leaves that protrude directly upward. They do not grow much in height and have prolonged growth under cultivation. It is believed that this species can withstand temperatures as low as 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Also known as the Zulu, Dwarf Southern, or Encephalartos Horridus, this dwarf cycad variety is probably one of the most popular and widely available species in the market. Being one of the hardiest varieties and having good survival rates after being brought indoors, this plant is the most suitable candidate for those looking for a new addition to their home plants. The dwarf form is slow-growing, forms dense colonies of neat, compact plants, and thrives in full sun and shade.

An encephalartos horridus, or cycad is a perennial plant that resembles a fern. It is usually grown as a rare collector plant. Their leaves have clusters of harmless teeth along the edge of them. They have no distinct stem and tend to grow in clusters. Dwarf cycads are great houseplants for your living room or desk. They have Chinese fan-shaped leaves and often grow out of their pots. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants a plant that is low maintenance and isn’t too big.

One of the most important things about growing indoor plants is having a suitable container; all containers are not good enough for different plants. A large-leafed plant like Rubber Plant will rot in a plastic container because plastic is vulnerable to heat and contains many toxic ingredients that harm the roots of a plant that has large, delicate leaves. Home plant store care helps you identify your plant water, light, and other special requirements. All plants need proper lighting, drinking water, and drainage.

These indoor home plants require little care and are often easy to propagate, making them ideal for beginners. They are beautiful, fast-growing, tolerant of low light conditions, insect prone, and will thrive with minimal attention. Used correctly and kept indoors, most indoor house plants are perfectly safe for pets and children. The dwarf cycad is one of the best and most versatile plants indoors because it’s easy to maintain, grows very slowly, and has bright green leaves that add an unmistakably tropical touch to a room.


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