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Adenium Nova Somalense


Encephalartos Adenium Nova Somalense is a family of plants as it acts like a tropical plant but is really considered a flowering succulent. A miniature, bulbous succulent with densely packed leaves that store water. Known for its pinkish red and white tubercles on mature plants. It is native to Somalia and Ethiopia, where it grows in arid sandy conditions.


General Detail: Adenium Nova Somalense Home plant care

A wild form from Somalia.A contemporary hybrid of Adenium boehmianum by Rene Van Wijk and Adenium obesum var somalense by Karst Breugelman. A fascinating living fossil with it’s harsh spiny leaves and large caudex for protection against the elements and animals that might try to consume it.The flowers are wax-like and long lasting in pinks and whites. When in flower, plants seems to be covered with blooms.

One of the most sought after plants in the bonsai world. It has a very high tolerance against drying out and low humidity during cooling off period. Very slow growing but with a slow growing pace is like aging a fine wine where this plant can live up to 50 years or more!!

We recommend growing it in a humid environment, full sun outdoors or under grow lights and avoiding temperatures below 15 degrees C(59 degrees F). Also remove spent flowers as they tend to hold bacteria over time which can cause rotting of flowers and parts of crown. A bright healthy specimen ready to adorn you home ,office or bonsai stand!

The Adenium Nova Somalense is a smaller plant than the Adenium Obesum and requires much less light. However, this plant can still grow to a relatively large size if under the right circumstances. The Adenium Nova Somalense likes to have more indirect light and less direct light. The color of this plant should be a deep rose or red along the edges with some striping in the petals.

The Adenium Nova Somalense is a charming, exotic yet easy-to-grow indoor house plant for the home or office. This succulent can be enjoyed by avid gardeners and newbies alike, and will bring a piece of the outdoors inside through its thick, spiny trunk and bright flowers. It is native to Somalia and Ethiopia, where it grows in arid sandy conditions.

The Adenium plant, also known as the desert rose, and Adenium Somalense, is a tender perennial shrub in the genus Adenium. The leaves of the Adenium plant consist of two leaflets that are narrow mid-green colored leaves and rachises. The two leaflets are opposite each other on the stem. The flowers of the Adenium are small red to reddish-purple colored flowers that have a very sweet scent. Seeds begin forming fruit approximately one month following flowering and will continue to ripen for several months after fruit set.

As an indoor plant the Adenium is basically a tree and should be treated as such. It will take time and much patience to grow your Adenium into a large tree that gives exotic flowers that are worth of all the effort. Getting started is relatively simple. Plant it in a good potting compost and place it in a well-lit location – east or west facing window is ideal because it gives all day sunshine.

Watering is important; don’t let the soil dry out but make sure not to over water as this will easily cause root rot. And once you see flower buds forming, don’t be afraid to give your plant some gentle help. Just remember: if you messed up, don’t throw away the plant just yet… try deflasking it but only do this if you know what you’re doing!


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