We Ship nationwide. 30-day return policy. Free standard shipping on orders over $250.

We Ship nationwide. 30-day return policy. Free standard shipping on orders over $250.

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Homeplantstore 30 Day Guarantee

If you have properly cared for your newly purchased plants and you experience a loss during the first 30 days from date of delivery, please contact us detailing your loss, along with images of the plants and your original order number. You must submit 3 images, including an image of the entire plant in its surroundings for a full evaluation.

Homeplantstore will replace any plant that dies during the first 30 days for free however the customer is responsible for a shipping & handling fee which can vary due to plant size and customer location. Shipping & handling is determined at the time of our 30 Day Guarantee approval process and is based upon the actual cost of shipping to your location. Each plant is eligible for only 1 replacement under this guarantee. Due to our rapidly changing stock we cannot guarantee that material is the same size when replaced.

What definitely voids my Guarantee?

  • Transplanting or repotting your plant within 7 days of receiving your plant. During shipping, plants go through some shock and re-planting the plant too soon stresses the plant too much. Wait at least 7 days before repotting or replanting.
  • Planting your plant in an environment that is not conducive to that plant’s health, i.e., poor soil conditions, wrong light conditions, or outdoors in an area outside of the plants listed hardiness zone.
  • Any destruction of plants resulting from weather, pets, wildlife, drought, improper application of insecticides or herbicides, fires, floods, or any unnatural cause, etc.

What might void my Guarantee?

  • Fertilizing too soon. Wait at least 2 weeks and make sure your plant is established in it’s new home before fertilizing.
  • Most plants like to be watered only when the soil is dry to the touch. Succulents and Cacti should be watered even less frequently. Please lookup specific watering instruction for your plant in your area.

What’s Not Covered?

Plants are living things which may experience some leaf loss, along with a few broken or bent branches during the shipping process. Some plants are known to lose all leaves during shipping but will start to return within 30 days.

Note that some plants may go dormant and will shed all of their leaves. This is a natural process for that plant during colder seasons.

Replacements due to the size of plant are not covered since images of the material are emailed out before shipping.

*Please note that material listed as B-Grade is not covered by our guarantee.

What about after 30 days

Claims received by Homeplantstore after 30 days of delivery will not be recognized. All claims must be started before the 30 days are up.

What if My Order Was Damaged in Transit?

In the event that your order is damaged in transit, please let us know within 2 business days of receiving your order. Upon confirmation that your material is damaged due to shipping we will replace your items at free of charge. *Please do not discard goods or box. You will be asked to provide images of damage to material and condition of material in box. Please contact us online or call customer service and have the following information ready:

  • Order #
  • Item name

Upon initiating a damage claim, we will work hard to get your material replaced as soon as possible.

Weather Exceptions

In the event that material was damaged due too cold or hot temperatures during shipping, we will hold your replacement order until suitable conditions are met to safely ship your items.

How to start your claim

Send us a message using the contact form, include 3 pictures of your plant including at least 1 picture which includes the full plant in its surroundings.

Final Notes

Homeplantstore has the right to deny any claim at any time. Please note all B-Grade Plants are as is and are not covered by our 30 Day Guarantee.